001: Stigma

The first episode is available now!

Let’s talk about STIGMA. Sex work is the most stigmatized type of work, no matter what my freewheelin’ fellow millennials might think. In this episode I discuss my experience with stigmatization, and some ways that I work to overcome it.

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Interested in listening to the episode of Dan Savage’s Savage Love podcast I mentioned? Well, here you go. My segment starts at about 25:50 (if you come in before then, be prepared to listen to Dan Savage talking about poop). All I can say is: wow. So much has changed since then. I even referenced being 30 in the future, as if that was really old. (I just turned 30 this summer.) I wish I’d re-listened to this before recording this first pod, because I’d have had a lot more to say about it. Oh, well. Maybe in a future pod!

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