008: That’s My Fetish

Introducing Rachel, my new cohost! In this first episode of the new year (we’re calling this season two), we discuss fetishes. Rachel, who is not a former porn star (although she could be if she wanted to, HAY GIRL!), asks some excellent probing questions about fetish work in the porn industry. We get a little existential. Then we talk a lot about boobs, feet, noises Rachel hates, and vore (nomnomnom).

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Jubilee on YouTube: Do All Porn Stars Think the Same?

We mention queer feminist pornographer Shine Louise Houston (Pink & White Productions, Crash Pad Series). If you are interested in supporting indie porn, consider contributing to Shine’s IndieGogo campaign for “Chemistry Eases the Pain,” an indie porn film that centers on queer women of color: (not sponsored — I just really love SLH!)


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