about after adult

Hello, I’m A.

After Adult is a project that I knew I wanted to give life to as soon as I left the adult industry. For a product that the majority of adults (and, unfortunately, many children and teenagers) consume at some point or another, porn and its widely varied production industry are still enshrouded in stereotype, rumor and secrecy. Whatever you think you know about porn, forget about it when you’re reading this blog.

Speaking of reading this blog: use discretion, please. Most of the subject matter I post about is NSFW, and definitely not suitable for minors or children.

About Me: I was a successful porn performer in the United States for about three years before I left the industry for a variety of personal reasons. The specifics of my experiences in the industry – all of the fun moments as well as the awful ones – will be the focus of my writings here.

My hope is that through sharing these experiences, I might help further a dialogue around the porn industry and where it intersects with culture, sexuality, race and ethnicity, feminism, and the human experience.

Thank you for your curiosity! Read on.